Remake @ IRCAM

05/2019 Ircam – FR

The “Remake” project is based on the pedagogical philosophy of “learning by doing”. It is an outreach project for high schools that raises awareness for the role of art in society. In this project young teenage students discover reference works from the classic modern repertoire such as The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky or Hymnen by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The ideas and context of these works is explored together with the students’ teachers as well as composers and sound designers. The students are introduced to these works, and explore how the social, political and aesthetic context of the work relates to their own experiences and artistic understanding.


Using the Re-make application on portable telephones (IOS and Android), the students record and collect sounds that reflect the musical ideas and sounds found in the works. At the end of the project the students “re-make” the work by editing and “re-composing” the sounds in order to create their version of the work that reflects what they have learned. The “re-made” works will take various forms such as recordings, audiovisual installations and performances that combine new technologies and low-tech equipment.


In the framework of the ULYSSES Network, the Remake project 2019 is a collaboration between the three ULYSSES partners Ultima, Flagey and IRCAM. This particular Remake edition includes students aged 14-16 from Oslo, Brussels and Paris. «Rituals» is the common theme that serves as a starting point for making their own artworks.


In Paris (FR), IRCAM is collaborating for the project with Lycée Gustave Eiffel  (Gustave Eiffel high school) and the teachers Grégoire Lorieux, Pauline Alemany, Bénédicte Basson, Jérémy Carpentier.


Hymnen by Karlheinz Stockhausen has been selected as reference work for the students who participate to the Remake-workshops between February and May 2019.


A final presentation of their different “Remakes” takes place on 16th May 2019 in Paris (FR) at IRCAM, Salle Stravinsky.

organized in partnership with Flagey - BEUltima - NO

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