ULYSSES Journeys for composers, conductors and performers

01/2017 Divertimento Ensemble – ITEPCC - EEFlagey – BEGaudeamus – NLHfMT – DEIEMA – DEimpuls – ATIrcam – FRRoyaumont foundation – FRSnape Maltings – UKTime of Music – FIUltima - NO


The ULYSSES project was originally inspired by an illustrious generation of 18th Century artists who wandered all across Europe, visiting at each “stop” along the way the greatest masters’ workshops in order to improve and to complete their skills.

Following the steps of the Homeric hero, their odyssey was an initiatory journey paving the way for future generations of young European artists. Europe’s singularity is characterized by the rich diversity of artistic situations and sociological contexts.

The ULYSSES “journeys” aim to exploit this singularity to the fullest. ULYSSES holds that this is the only really modern approach to education.


In this spirit, the ULYSSES partner institutions have identified all together a certain number of young international composers, conductors and performers in the objective to offer them the possibility to construct a “journey”, with stops in different parnter insitutions.

Composers, performers, and ensembles will all be able to undertake journeys providing them with rich and diverse experiences not offered elsewhere.

These journeys offer the opportunity to participate in varied projects, workshops, masterclasses, residencies etc. in the realm of contemporary creation and to benefit from special conditions (no participation fees, support for travel and accommodation costs, etc.).

After a very difficult selection procedure, due to the great number of very interesting profiles of identified young artists the ULYSSES partners have selected the following composers, conductors and performers for the journeys in 2017:



Boris Bezemer (Netherlands, 1992) – IRCAM (FR), Royaumont Foundation (FR)

Kaj Duncan David (Denmark, 1989) – Snape Maltings (UK), Time of Music (FI)

Georgia Koumara (Greece, 1991) – Gaudeamus Muziek (NL), Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Genevieve Murphy (Royaume-Uni, 1988) – impuls (AT), IEMA (DE)

Samuel Penderbayne (Australia, 1989) – impuls (AT), IRCAM (FR)

Diego Ramos Rodriguez (Spain, 1989) – IRCAM (FR), Ultima (NOR)

Adrien Trybucki (France, 1993) – IRCAM (FR), Time of Music (FI)

Eiko Tsukamoto (Japan, 1986) – impuls (AT)

Maya Verlaak (Belgium, 1990) – IEMA (DE), Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Mioko Yokoyama (Japan, 1989) – Opus XXI (DE), Ultima (NOR)



Nestor Bayona (Spain 1985) – Time of Music (FI), Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Jonas Rannila (Finland 1989) – Time of Music (FI), Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Yalda Zamani (Iran 1985) – Royaumont Foundation (FR), Time of Music (FI)



Magdalena Cerezo Falcez piano (Spain, 1988) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Erik Bertsch piano (Italy/Netherlands, 1987) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Beatrice Binda, soprano (Italy, 1983) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Lorenzo Colombo percussion (Italy, 1990) – IEMA (DE), Snape Maltings (UK)

Adrian Albaladejo Dìaz trombone (Spain, 1993) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Jacopo Facchini, controtenor (Italy, 1981) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Clemens Gottschling horn (Germany/ 1990) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Sarah Saviet violin (USA/Germany, 1989) – Divertimento Ensemble (IT)

Jacobo Hernández Enriquez violin (Spain, 1989) – impuls (AT), IEMA (DE)

Antonio Jiménez Marín trombone (Spain, 1989) – impuls (AT)

Roberto Maqueda Dominguez percussion (Spain, 1991) – Snape Maltings (UK)

Jerry Piipponen percussion (Finland, 1989) – Time of Music (FI)

Diego Ramos Rodriguez violin (Spain, 1989) – Ultima (NOR)

Joshua Hyde saxophone (Australia, 1986) – Ultima (NOR)

Quartetto Maurice (Italy) – IRCAM (FR)



Among the different projects detailed in the timeline, you will find all the details about their journey-stops at the respective partner-institutions and about the projects they will be participating in during the year 2017.


ULYSSES Journey for Performers

Conducting Course


Young ensemble in residency - Ensemble Schallfeld

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