Peter Tscherkassky’s CinemaScope Trilogy + commissions to young composers

02/2017 impuls – AT


This new project is interconnecting the media of experimental film with new compositions by young composers featured in the frame of ULYSSES.


Experimental techniques such as the usage of found footage and working with the materiality of film as such, multiple exposure and the investigation of new methods of processing, non-narrative, formally or psychologically motivated and many other experimental strategies will trigger new thoughts and approaches also in musical composition.


Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky is one of the internationally leading figures in experimental film. His films are shown and honored worldwide and – besides others due to their not only formal and narrational complexity and density – mean a rewarding challenge both for composers to get involved with and audiences to experience them again and again.


A kick-off-meeting is set up during impuls 2017 including also a symposium for special in-put and knowledge exchange on the topic film + music in general. At this meeting all composers and musicians involved will meet up with Peter Tscherkassky to get to know the films, discuss possible role models of music in film in general and their respective working methods and artistic approaches in this specific case … and to decide on the further process also as a group.

This meeting will be accompagnied and coached by tutors of the impuls Academy, especially Wolfgang Mitterer and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, respectively other experts in this field.


The final results (which can include also the screening of the film mute, with its original soundtrack as well as different compositions hereby sharpening and playing with perception and the correlation of sound and the visual) will be presented in the sequel with the academies offering the ideal working ground for an extensive accompagnied rehearsal process.


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Outer Space


The following young composers will be commissioned to write new works for Peter Tscherkassky´s films (CinemaScope Trilogy: LArrivée, 1997/98 + Outer Space, 1999 + Dream Work, 2011):

Mirela Ivičević (impuls commission)

Julien Malaussena (impuls commission)

Javier Elipe Gimeno (IRCAM commission)

Ariadna Alsina (IRCAM commission)

Boris Bezemer (Gaudeamus commission)

Mikołaj Laskowski (Gaudeamus commission)

Clara Iannotta (IMD Commission)

Simon Løffler (IMD Commission)


On top of that impuls is also opening a call amongst the impuls Academy participants to engage in this topic and write for “L’Arrivée”, one of the films out of Peter Tscherkassky´s CinemaScope Triology.


Ensemble Nikel:

Yaron Deutsch: e-guitar

Patrick Stadler: saxophones

Brian Archinal: percussion

Antoine Françoise: piano


Kick-off-meeting: 15.-18.2.2017, KUG, Graz


Film + Music Symposium: 15.2.2017, KUG, Florentinersaal, Graz

10.00: Julia Heimerdinger

11.00: Holly Rogers

12.00: Peter Tscherkassky

15.00: Dirk Schaefer

16.00: Johannes Kalitzke

17.00: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

19.00-21.00: Discussion with Wolfgang Mitterer, Holly Rogers, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Dirk Schaefer, Peter Tscherkassky

Julia Heimerdinger: moderation





organized in partnership with Flagey - BEGaudeamus - NLIMD - DEIrcam - FR

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