ULYSSES Network Audience Research 2017

01/2017 HfMT – DE


The Audience Research branch of the ULYSSES project investigates audience experiences of new music and the impact of audience development strategies for this art form in Europe.

It was launched at the end of 2016 and the first research visits to the ULYSSES partners will take place in 2017.

Audience data from a range of different new music events across the network will be collected, including events that mix new music with works from other genres/time periods, that take place outside of the concert hall setting or that have educational/outreach features, as well as events with more conventional formats and settings.

This will allow for the comparison of audience demographics between the ULYSSES partners and of the success of different concert formats and audience outreach initiatives. Do features such as pre-performance talks enrich audience members’ experiences of a concert with contemporary music?

Does an unconventional or more informal setting make them more likely to attend a new music event again in the future? How does the audience for new music differ across Europe and how do these potential differences relate to the aims and actions of individual institutions?


Complementing this main survey of new music events will be a smaller survey of audiences at classical music concerts and possibly other genres, to be conducted at those ULYSSES partners that offer events over a wider range of musical genres (e.g. Aldeburgh Music, Flagey and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir).

Through this, it will be possible to gain a sense of what ‘non-visitors’ of contemporary music events think about the genre and what could encourage their attendance in future.


Research Visits 2017:


impuls (Graz, AT): 16th-22nd February 2017


EPCC (Tallinn, EE): 7th-11th April + 29th April 2017


Aldeburgh Music (GB): 7th-12th June 2017


IRCAM (Paris, FR): 16th-19th June 2017


Opus XXI (DE): 11th Aug 2017


Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht, NL): 6th-10th September 2017


IEMA (Frankfurt, DE): 26th November 2017

organized in partnership with EPCC - EEGaudeamus - NLHfMT- DEIEMA - DEimpuls - ATIrcam - FRSnape Maltings - UK

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